Jaden Smith Have Startled Paparazzi With His Sudden Makeover And Pink Hair!! Check it out and know the reason behind it.

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While Jaden Smith has always been known to his out of the box style, the Karate Kid sat never failed to impress. https://www.instagram.com/p/BZ7PL4SD7Jg/?igshid=yx0ddyg8d6jeThe Smith kid stunned everyone with his new style as he attended the Louis Vuitton X cocktail party in Beverly Hills. Jaden Smith stunned everyone with his pink hair, bleached eyebrows, gold white sn Click for More eakers, and grills in his mouth. https://www.instagram.com/p/BWavOkODfGC/?igshid=173hl7mn791cdThe young Smith star , Jaden Smith has been making headlines for his fashion sense along with his social media posts that might have startled fans over time. His social media posts have always been controversial and fans have mixed reactions to the star’s social media presence. Click for More