Its all ‘songs in the air’ for Colombia as the state prepares to host the auditions for ‘American Idol’.

By Morning Picker

All the passionate young Colombian singers, tighten your belts and clear your throats as Columbia is all set to host the auditions of American Idol. #TheNextIdol — American Idol (@AmericanIdol) August 26, 2019The infamous singing reality show of American Idol is created by Simon Fuller and is produced by Fremantle USA and 19 Enter Click for More tainment. The show was aired on the channel for 15 years, till April 7, 2016, but changed hands from March 11, 2018. — American Idol (@AmericanIdol) August 5, 2019The show put had up all the relevant details about the audition on social media last week. The participants are required to fill up a story form and sign a release form. Click for More