Is There Is A Another Season in Hunter X Hunter? Get The Details Here! Release Date, Plot, Cast, Trailer

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Hunter x Hunter, a Japanese manga series, Yoshihiro Togashi illustrated the series. The current Hunter x Hunter anime is a reboot version of the original Hunter x Hunter Japanese television show, which aired in 1999. Hunter x Hunter initially aired on October 2, 2011, on Nippon News Network and also on Nippon Television. Hunter x Hunter Season 7: Release Date Click for More According to Togashi’s statement, it’s safe to assume that Hunter x Hunter will come back with another season. Hunter x Hunter Season 7: CastThe fantasy anime features some of the notable characters, which include: Erica Mendez as the protagonist, Gon Freecss, Chisa Yokoyama as Biscuit Krueger, Mariya Ise, Greg Chung as Zepile, and Erica Harlacher as Kurapika. Click for More