How are the New Mutants and X-men interrelated? Here’s what you probably didn’t know!

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Mirage, a k a Danielle Moonstar Played by Blu HuntCo-leading the group with Cannonball, Mirage’s powers are a mystical blend of psionic energy manipulation and illusionary fear projection. Sunspot, a k a Roberto da Costa Played by Henry Zaga Brazilian bad boy with buckets of cash, Sunspot originally had his ey Click for More es on becoming a professional soccer star. Magik, a k a Illyana Rasputina Played by Anya Taylor-JoyKid sister to iron X-Man Colossus, Magik is also pretty heavy metal. She was raised in Limbo by an evil sorcerer before escaping using a sword she forged from her own soul. We can expect a lot more adventure outings and great storylines of new age young superheroes from the X-men. Click for More