Here are five best Hollywood movies for you to watch if you’re bored at home during this quarantine period. Read to find out.

By Morning Picker

“Pick of the Litter”Available on: Disney+Plenty of research have proven that pets can lessen pressure and anxiety. This six-episode series follows six dogs — Amara, Pacino, Paco, Raffi, Tulane and Tartan — on their not-always-clean journey to end up manual puppies for the blind. The game show kicks the concept to every ot Click for More her degree as two-man or woman teams compete for cash whilst answering silly trivialities questions. But they need to face off even as consuming flaming warm wings cooked on set by way of the “sadistic” Chef Willie. You can practically feel the wind in their hair as they cycle in tandem after Richard E. Grant’s limousine. Click for More