Gen Z Seemingly Only Discovering Eminem’s Offensive Lyrics Now As They Attempt To Cancel The Rapper!

By Morning Picker

Disregard whether skinny jeans are hip or not, Gen Z and Millennials are presently at the battle over Eminem, with more youthful listeners demanding the rapper is canceled over his violent lyrics. In spite of the rapper being around since before some Gen Z was even conceived (between 1997-2012), they’ve as of late come to find his lyrics in Rihanna’s collaboration Love The Way You Lie, and, honestly, they need his head. You know the one, the one where he raps about if his allegorical accomplice in th Click for More e song ever endeavored to part ways with him he’d set her on fire? Specifically: ‘If she ever tries to f**king leave again/I’mma to tie her to the bed and set this house on fire.’Eminem Fans Support Him Against The Gen ZBetter believe it, that one. He raps: ‘I’m contemplating shouting “bombs away” on the game/Like I’m outside of an Ariana Grande concert pausing.’ Following serious analysis over the line, Eminem shared an explanation in which he said the culpable lyrics had been taken inappropriately. Click for More