“F**k Hollywood”: Janet Mock Lights Up Pose Premiere With Impassioned Speech About Inequality!

By Morning Picker

Janet Shook The Crowd With Her Emotional Speech“Screw Hollywood,” Mock said, supposedly leaving audience members speechless. “I’m furious!”Per the Daily Beast, Pose co-creators Ryan Murphy and Steven Canals were in the audience and reacted to Mock at different focuses all through her speech. In one trade, Mock said that Murphy got trans talent to float the writers’ room, at one point telling the super-producer, Click for More “You brought… young ladies in to help you.” “Who got the young ladies?” Mock asked him. “I did, I required the young ladies to be there,” Murphy answered. At another point during the emotional speech, Mock straightforwardly addressed her partner, Angel Bismark Curiel, who plays Lil Papi on the show, conceding that she was unfaithful with an individual from the Pose group and apparently requesting his forgiveness. Click for More