Eden: What will happen when there is a single human left in the world of robots? Check out all latest updates on this Netflix original anime series.

By Morning Picker

EDEN is one of the most anticipated releases by Netflix in 2020 and provides a new twist to the sci-fi genreEDEN Netflix Original sci-fi fantasy anime series that has been created by Justin Leach. The show is going to be directed by Yasuhiro Irie, who is known for directing the renowned Full Metal Alchemist series. EDEN is going to be Click for More fully owned by Netflix and hasn’t been partnered with any other studios in its creation. https://youtu.be/3i8Ds2nVVXEStory and release dateThe show was expected to arrive in Fall 2020 but no further updates have been given yet. The city contains only robots as the humans, who were their creators and master’s had disappeared long ago. Click for More