Did Joss Whedon leave ‘The Nevers’ for the price of ‘Justice League’?

By Morning Picker

Well, we all know some of the theory about Joss Whedon, HBO’s upcoming sci-fi superhero series ‘The Nevers’ that he used to be a part of, and the consequence from the investigation into Joss Whedon’s onset activity during the filming of WarnerMedia’s Justice League. When we glance at the timing and how particular the stuff played out, would it be that much of a span to theorize that part of Joss Whedon’s punishment for Justice League was losing his HBO series? Here’s a quick timelineOn July 1, Ray Fisher aka Cybor Click for More g, Justice League actor took to Twitter to indict Whedon of being harsh on the 2017 set not long after Whedon took over from Zack Synder, and that two other executives helped enable Whedon’s alleged actions. The following was relayed to me on behalf of @WarnerMedia at 5pm EST today: – The investigation of Justice League is now complete. A>E 3/3 — Ray Fisher (@ray8fisher) December 12, 2020In October, we came across one of the things that were an interview with Nick Frost, in support of Amazon Prime’s Truth Seekers. Click for More