Did Freddie Prinze ever try to kill John Travolta? Here is what Jimmie Walker had to say about it.

By Morning Picker

He’s not joking this timeIn a new documentary, actor and comedian Jimmie Walker recounts the time when his actor friend Freddie Prinze allegedly tried to kill John Travolta with a crossbow. Obsession with being the bestAfter seeing Travolta’s popularity grow, Walker spoke about the day when he got a call from Prinze who said, “We’ve got to k Click for More ill John Travolta.” Prinze was saying, “I’m going to kill this guy! I’m the biggest star on TV.” Walker tried talking him down by saying, “Well a lot of people are on TV. I’m the biggest guy, I’m the best guy. Walker said, “I’m sure to this day John Travolta was thinking, I wonder what happened in L.A. with those shots fired through my door. Click for More