Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival 2020 is back with the performance of Danny Elfman on the cards

By Morning Picker

The American composer and the singer, Danny Elfman is back in town as he is all set to perform on the upcoming Coachella Fest in April 2020. Now he is ready to present himself on the stage of Coachella Valley Music & Art Festival in 2020 and people are so glad as they would get to see such a versatile actor. According to the sources, Elfman’s performance hasn’t Click for More been decided yet but it would be safe to say that he is not going to perform on Olingo Boingo music. At those orchestral performances, which he has staged in recent years, Elfman sings some of the material from A Nightmare Before Christmas. He hasn’t performed much in recent years which has raised the curiosity of his fans that they would finally get to see him. Click for More