Chelsea Handler has recreated this iconic Martha Stewart’s glam poolside selfie and the fans are loving it! Check it out.

By Morning Picker

In the picture, we see Stewart wading out of the pool with a pout on her face. “You have some nerve lookin this HOT at 78 years young🔥🔥🔥now lemme get that skin care routine!” a user named @markterzano commented. Enter Chelsea HandlerThe photo was an inspiration to many, and among them was comedian Chelsea Handler, who decided to jump into her pool a Click for More nd recreate the photo. however, didn’t say a word about her skin care or fitness, but only talked about the pool, which she said was built thirty years ago. Her celebrity friends Snoop Dogg, Jay Leno, Lupita Nyong’o and Hailey Baldwin will be featuring in the show via webcam. Click for More