Brian Austin Green definitely didn’t see Megan Fox’s sudden decision to stay alone. Read for all details.

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Brian Austin Green uncovered some more information about his split from spouse Megan Fox during the most recent scene of his podcast … with Brian Austin Green. During the most up to date portion, the 90210 star, 46, communicated how genuinely shaken he was by the news that Megan needed to take some time separated. During the May 18 scene of his podcast, Brian admitted that, in spite of their separation, he would “consistently love h Click for More er. Megan and MGK conceived Colson Baker, cooperated on his most recent music video for his melody “Bloody Valentine.” The Transformers actress starred opposite MGK in that music video. Brian conceded that the stars turned out to be close during shooting, he didn’t harbor any antagonism towards them and even put any misinformation to rest on their relationship. Click for More