Are Demi moore and ex Rob Lowe getting back together? The two were recently spotted sharing a kiss. What is going on? Read to find out.

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They were among the unforeseen of young and successful actors confered The Brat Pack in the 1980s. Their chemistry, and antiquity of affection, was on full array when the pair shared a smooch apace with Moore’s daughter Rumer Willis, while struting for photographers at the fashion exhibit. Moore, 57, revealed off her desi Click for More rable, age-defying rate in a shocking black dress that was stuffed with lace. At one point Moore’s daughter Rumer Willis, 31, linked in on all the hoopla neighbouring their photo-op. Even Lowe’s son John Owen Lowe, 25, got in on the force adorned out in black pants, black button-down shirt and a orange-red suede over coat. Click for More