Alex Lifeson says there’s “no way Rush will ever exist again” without Neil Peart!

By Morning Picker

Talking on SiriusXM’s ‘Trunk Nation with Eddie Trunk’ recently, the guitarist said: “I realize Rush fans are an exceptional bundle, and I love them. In any case, I think, truly, Rush finished in 2015. It’s basically impossible that Rush will at any point exist again in light of the fact that Neil’s not here to be a piece of it. The Click for More re is no ‘Rush’ without Neil Peart“Also, saying this doesn’t imply that we can’t do different things and we can’t do things that advantage our communities whatnot. “Except if he could play 100% at that level, he truly didn’t wanna do additional shows, and he didn’t wanna be that individual that ought to have taken it,” Lifeson said. Click for More