Adrien Brody Talks About his Role on HBO’s ‘Succession,’ his Spars with Brian Cox and Jeremy Strong

By Morning Picker

Adrien Brody, known for King Kong, Peaky Blinders, and the recent The French Dispatch stars as activist investor Josh Aaronson. In his first appearance, he was able to bring together patriarch Logan Roy (Brian Cox) and son Kendall (Jeremy Strong) in the same room. This was the first time Logan and Kendall were broug Click for More ht together after the latter’s backstabbing in the season 2 finale of Succession. Brody had been a long-time fan of Succession himself, and had worked with the show’s producer Adam McKay on HBO’s Los Angeles Lakers. Brody said that he brought his own ideas to the character, and that it was a “collaborative” process. Click for More