A Unique journey of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi in “Man Vs Wild” with Bear Grylls!

By Morning Picker

The infamous show is featuring Bear Grylls, ‘Man Vs. Wild’ went on to become more attractive as India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi took a new, exciting and indeed a bold step to get featured aside Grylls. Man vs. Wild is a television series aired on Discovery and hosted by Bear Grylls. Also known by the names of Bor Click for More n Survivor: Bear Grylls, Ultimate Survival, Real Survivor Hero and Survival Game, this show portrays the host as aground in a remote region. This concerned episode of Man Vs. Wild was shot on 14th February 2019. “this was an opportunity for people across the globe to see the “unknown side” of the Indian prime minister. Click for More