50 Cent visits strip club in NYC despite coronavirus concerns! Is NYC going to be in lockdown soon? Read to find out.

By Morning Picker

50 Cent gives the middle finger to coronavirus alarm by setting off to a strip club in a seriously influenced zone of ​​New York City and tossing cash more than ever. It would seem that 50 Cent ain’t excessively troubled by the Coronavirus pandemic that is gradually closing down our country step by step. Throughout the end of the week, the G-Unit manager was spo Click for More tted visiting a strip club in New York City on Saturday night, March 14, in spite of New York Governor Andrew M. Cuomo’s call for social separating considering the infection flare-up. Not 50 however he appeared to do his thing until he became ill or died attempting. Clearly, 50 Cent wasn’t too worried about things Saturday night, but that could be different now. Click for More