2068 might be a time for an Asteroid hit. Asteroid Apophis Has a Slim Chance of hiiting us.

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Asteroid 99942 Apophis is one of these asteroids, whose circle can pass excessively near Earth for comfort. While the danger of Apophis hitting Earth in 2068 is someplace in the area of 1 out of 150,000, an asteroid that size would cause a shoot bigger than a nuclear bomb, so it’s ideal to twofold check the numbers. While George Dvorsky at Gizmodo plots a portion of the Click for More potential outcomes, we’re still yet to resolve what kind of logical doormat we will give Apophis. When you work that acceleration into the asteroid’s model, “that basically means that the 2068 impact scenario is still in play,” explains Tholen in his presentation. In the end, we all can just expect and also pray that no mishap shall happen around our world for centuries. Click for More