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With Shocking New Twists Ahead, Power Book II: Ghost Season Finale Is Turning The Courtroom Drama In Unexpected Ways!

It seems like the season finale of crime drama series Power Book II: Ghost was all about some intense court to drama, action followed by some major cliffhanger! Let us take a brief look on all the highlights of the season finale!

Power Book II: Ghost Season Finale Was All About Unexpected Twists! Major Spoiler Ahead!

Expect a whole lot of suspense of Tariq is all set to stand in the courtroom and say the truth! But is it going to he what it seems like or is there some other trick down his sleeve that might completely change the ongoing turn of events!

While fans are eagerly waiting for the season finale, the excitement doubles as the season finale trailer hands with a narration by Maclean who says that he thought this would end many ways, but not like this! Things become all the more ugly when Carrie Milgram promises Zeke that she’s going to look into the situation she created with law enforcement and by the looks of it in the trailer, expert some twist ahead! Here’s a little sneak peek into all the drama in the season finale.


Guess Who All Are Back In The Season Finale!

Fans were pretty shocked as Tommy is back and he owes Tasha something! While talking about the season finale, Power Book II: Ghost creator said that they have definitely escalated the stakes! With showrunner Courtney Kemp already working on the second season, we are in for plenty of cliffhangers that will be resolved in the second season.

The second season renewal came in earlier for fans and we can expect the second season sometime around 2021. So, with Cooper Saxe returning, a lot of drama is expected!

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