The Bachelorette ends with a proposal for Tayshia; Will she say yes or no?

The pandemic season has finally came to a close

We have officially reached the end of the pandemic season of The Bachelorette. As always, it ended with a proposal. Now, did our lady of the hour Tayshia Adams say yes?

Tayshia and her suitors

The Bachelorette ends with a proposal for Tayshia; Will she say yes or no? 1

Let’s start with Monday’s episode, following Ben’s return and Tayshia still in surprise and shock. She says that she cares about him but sent him home for a reason.

The two have a conversation in her suite where he proclaims his love for her. But when she asked why he didn’t say so earlier, he said that he had been scared, but is now confident in progressing to the next week. So now Ben gets the invitation to come to the rose ceremony, along with Ivan and Zac.

Tayshia starts with Ivan, and we are clear that they won’t work out as their values don’t align when it comes to religion, an important matter for Tayshia. So Zac and Ben get the roses, meaning they get to meet her family. Her family is skeptical of Ben as he was already sent out once, but Ben called their love a “forever thing” and Tayshia admitted to falling for him again.

Next is Zac, and he discusses his past marriage with her parents. He said that he’s looking forward to supporting her through the tough times, and Tayshia’s father Desmond thinks he’s a good man.

Tayshia’s family doesn’t want her to make another mistake since she had already gone through a divorce. She goes for one last date with her suitors and rejected Ben during theirs, saying her heart was with someone else.

Then came proposal day, and when Zac popped the question, she replied saying that Zac is her person. We wish the couple the very best.

The Bachelor returns January 4.


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