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“Running Man” Members Poke Fun At Each Other In List Of Petty “Resentments” For Year-End Episode!!

The cast of SBS’s “Running Man” dispelled any confusion air in the show’s last episode of 2020! In the December 27 episode, the individuals were joined by the cast of the forthcoming film “New Year Blues,” featuring Yoo Yeon Seok, Lee Yeon Hee, Girls’ Generation’s Sooyoung, and Yoo Tae Oh.

The Cast Members Were Having Some Fun

Before the visitors showed up, be that as it may, the “Running Man” individuals were gotten some information about occasions when they felt disillusioned or angry toward one another in 2020. From the outset, the cast said that there was nothing, yet they before long lined up before the corner to list every one of their resentments.  The cast individuals utilized this opportunity to make pleasant fun of one another, snitch on different individuals, and make jokes instead of posting genuine resentments.

“Running Man” Members Poke Fun At Each Other In List Of Petty “Resentments” For Year-End Episode!!

A few resentments leveled at Kim Jong Kook included, “He doesn’t have the foggiest idea how to control his solidarity. He doesn’t think prior to suspecting individuals and makes me need to take him out when I’m a government agent. Also, he just likes his little girl and he just burns through cash on his girl. [This refers to a non-existent little girl is a long-running joke on “Running Man.”] Se Chan covertly discusses him despite his good faith. He’s certainly a government agent however he escapes doubt through sheer strength.”

“Running Man” Members Poke Fun At Each Other In List Of Petty “Resentments” For Year-End Episode!!

Ji Suk Jin’s rundown of resentments included, “If there’s no camera and he doesn’t have his mouthpiece, he won’t converse with us and welcomes us irresolutely. He misrepresents himself as a ‘family man.’ He culls the hair filling in his ears. HaHa’s incorporated, “He says we should go out drinking yet he never marks the calendar. He acts excessively formal with us,” and “When I was a covert operative, he reprimanded me a camera that on the off chance that I came clean with him, he would stay quiet about it. I advised him and he promptly told every other person and ripped off my informal ID.”

The List Of Resentments Was Long!!

Lee Kwang Soo’s rundown was generally remarked on his appearance, from his looks to his design decisions to his long hair to his tallness. One model was, “He could grow three meters [about 9.83 feet] yet he is languid.” Yoo Jae Suk likewise got remarks on his appearance, yet in addition remarks like, “He attempts to end calls rapidly. His haircut is exhausting.” After a remark about his teeth, Yoo Jae Suk grumbled, “It would be stranger in the event that I sorted them out.”

Tune Ji Hyo’s rundown was about her notorious absence of contact with different individuals, for example, “I sent her a message saying she buckled down on our first account she actually hasn’t answered. She doesn’t get calls. I need to see her unmistakable look for once.”

Yang Se Chan’s begun with, “He says that he has a gathering for ‘Satire Big League’ and is on a call for two hours and doesn’t get back to me.” Kim Jong Kook said dubiously, “Perhaps he has a sweetheart.” Others were, “We went climbing in the mountains together and he demanded we take a way that was not the correct way but rather he made me go first. He resembles a squid. He prefers Jun So Min and won’t admit his emotions.” (This last one was HaHa, who additionally made up the gossip about Kim Jong Kook’s mystery little girl.)

“Running Man” Members Poke Fun At Each Other In List Of Petty “Resentments” For Year-End Episode!!

Jun So Min’s rundown went, “She lies excessively. I can’t confide in her. She’s so dubious. She said that she wouldn’t, however, she actually goes around presuming individuals. She powers a lot of adoration lines.” (This last was Song Ji Hyo.)