Netflix Has A Special Gift For Fans As Cobra Kai Is Arriving A Week Earlier Than Expected!


While the Popular action drama series Cobra Kai managed to be a high hit amongst fans with back to back two seasons, now that the third season is also going to happen on a new streaming platform this new year!

Cobra Kai Season 3 Is Finally Coming On Board Exclusively On Netflix This New Year!

While fans were happy to know that Cobra Kai has finally shifted to the streaming platform Netflix from their previous YouTube channel, the third season already has several new developments as it is all set to come back for the third season on 2021! There’s more to look into as the official page has released a small teaser for Cobra Kai season 3!

Netflix is giving fans an unexpected New Year’s gift as the third season is now going to arrive on 1st January 2021, a week earlier than the initially announced release date. The newest announcement arrives with an interesting social media post. Here’s the official trailer of Cobra Kai season 3!


The Third Season Of Cobra Kai Comes With The Shocking Return Of Miguel!

While her appearance hasn’t been confirmed yet in person, it was highly anticipated after her appearance was somewhat teased. As Johnny Lawrence is seen all worried about Miguel, the doctors seem to be doing their best for him. However, there is huge speculation on whether Miguel will be able to walk it not! We will get all on the answers on 1st January. 

While second season finale of Cobra Kai left behind several big cliffhangers and now there’s a lot to look forward to in the coming third season exclusively on Netflix this 2021! The second season finale teased the possibility of seeing  Ali Mills Schwarber in season 3!