Gilmore Girls Season 9!!! Will the show get RENEWED??? Check out to know all about Season 9 of the Netflix Sho!!!

The show Gilmore Girls was seen almost four years ago on the screens. Since then the fans are anticipating the 9th season of the show. Read out the blog post to know all the updates about season 9!!!

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Gilmore Girls:

Gilmore Girls were last seen for reviving miniseries in the season titled ‘Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life’ which had four episodes each of 88-102 minutes.

Created by Amy Sherman-Palladino, ‘Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life’. This was the unofficial eight season of the TV series that began in 2000 and was concluded by 2007.

The eighth season of the series which was screened on the 7th of November in 2016, picked up the storyline where the seventh one had left.


The three ladies who starred in the show were in crisis. You can see the destination less relationship between Luke and Lorelei. Rory’s journalism career was hindered before acceleration. Also, the devastating condition of Emily was depicted in the show after her husband’s death.

Apart from all these, season 8 has left the fans on a cliffhanger. The major question left after the conclusion of ‘Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life’ is the concealed name of Rory’s baby’s father. To get an answer to this question fans are anticipating the 9th season of the series.

However, many have assumed the father of Rory’s baby to be Logan.

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Will the show have season 9???

Well, if we observe the questions left by season 8, we can expect season 9 of the series but this also needs to be favored by the luck or else the father’s name of Rory’s baby will remain a mystery forever.

However, there has been no official words regarding season 9 of Gilmore Girls. To the good news, it seems like we will have season 9 of the series as the creator of the show, Amy Sherman-Palladino, is hinting at it.

Let’s wait for official words to divulge in the media. Till then stay tuned to our page to get further updates about your favorite show.