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Get Into The Complicates Love Story Of This Newly Released Korean Drama Series, Run On!

It seems like Netflix is making sure that fans never run out of options when it comes to all the popular Korean dramas that have arrived ok the streaming platform recently this December.

Don’t Miss The Heartfelt Stories In New Korean Series, Run On!

The story revolves around sports agent Sun Gyeom who once was a sprinter for the South Korean national team. However, things rake a complicate turn when a controversial legal case arrives and Gyeom was forced to quit. The story then shifts to Oh Mi-Joo, who is a subtitle translator for movies, sees new hopes  to witness her name for the first time during a movie’s end credits.

On the other hand, Seo Dan-A fights for her deserved place as the future head of the Seomyung Group. However, she faces outdated prejudices that pushes her down the list of potential successors. Then fans see  Lee Youn-Hwa who is an art major, appears in Seo Dan-A’s life, and his kind and caring nature soon brings them closer together.

Is There Going To Be A Second Season Of Run On On Netflix?

With all these characters and their complications in love, life and workplace, it goes on to weave an interesting story that is surely keeping fans hooked to the show. With the series arriving as early as in December, there is no renewal announcement yet.

So get into these beautiful yet twisted tale of love as these characters struggle their way out of some relatable moments and then get into some more on the way ! The first season finale arrives on February, till then the first few episodes are streaming on Netflix and it sure will keep you hooked. 

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