Zayn Malik is Back on Instagram after 1 Month with a Dazzling Image!

Zayn Malik returns to social media after a long hiatus!

Singer and songwriter, Zayn Malik has returned to Instagram after a month-long interval. On the 14th Of January 2022, the singer rocked his return by posting a picture of himself. The candid selfie portrays him in his long beard, hair longer than before, and his beautiful features shining in the natural light. The number of fans that stan Zayn Malik is too huge, and they have all greeted him with the best of comments on his post.

Zayn Malik
Instagram | Zayn Malik

Low profile amidst disputes

The whole world is familiar with the disputes between the singer and his ex-girlfriend Gigi Hadid’s family. Zayn and Gigi even broke off after years of togetherness due to this. Malik has been away from Instagram since his last post on December 10. The main issue is between Gigi Hadid’s mother, Yolanda Hadid, and Zayn. Zayn wants Yolanda to stay away from his daughter, Khai, and wishes to provide her with a safe environment.

In an incident, he allegedly “grabbed Yolanda and shoved her into the dresser”, physically hurting her. The pillow talk singer is accused of continuous cursing at Yolanda and has stated that he just wants her to stay away from his daughter.

Zayn Malik
Dominique Charriau / WireImage file

Zayn Malik denies accusations

After being charged with four counts of harassment, the One Direction singer denied hitting Yolanda and has refrained from sharing details for the sake of his only daughter. Malik has stated that he wants Yolanda to reconsider her false charges against him and wants to deal with all the private matters which are “family issues” in private. It is speculated that the singer split with his model girlfriend after he argued with her mother and there have been several sides to the story since then.

Want a safe and private place for his daughter

Zayn Malik with his daughter
Instagram | Zayn Malik

In his Twitter message, the singer has indicated his concern for his daughter, wanting a safe and private space for her to grow up in, a place where family matters aren’t thrown out in the world for everyone to play with. He has been making it clear that he wants to protect his child’s privacy and wants matters resolved as soon as possible. Zayn has also stated that the argument he had with a family member of Gigi’s who entered their house when Gigi was not home.