Yeo One of PENTAGON Met with an Accident and halted the activities for time being

PENTAGON’s Yeo One met with an accident caused by Drunk Driver!

But after the show, he suffered from Back Pain on the way to his dorm. He then consulted the doctor and got the required treatment. That is why his activities are temporarily stopped. PENTAGON said that his recovery is an important priority. The temporary halt is from future album promotions. Until then PENTAGON will continue with seven members for the time being.

The group made a comeback recently and received their first win in a music show in a public broadcast. Their 12th Mini-album ‘IN: VITE U ’ with ‘Feelin Like’ as the title. Due to this incident fans are expressing their concern through social media. The Get Well Soon Hashtags increased in number. Let’s wish our Yeo One a speedy and perfect recovery. And once he is fully healed the group will appear whole again and continue to entertain us.

Get Well Soon Yeo One!!

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