WWE Ice Cream Bars are Back after 11 years but in an Updated Version of Stickless Cookie Sandwiches

Good Humor is back with WWE-themed ice cream bars. Although we will see a different shape this time, the design and the look will be the same as older ones. Good Humor sold WWE-themed ice cream bars for about 20 years until 2009. They discontinued them after that. CM Punk, The Best in the World spoke about bringing them back in 2011 at WWE backstage.

Nine years after his request, WWE ice cream bars are coming back in the form of stickless cookie sandwiches. It must be noted that CM Punk himself is back on WWE now. The company, Good Humor launched the new WWE Super Stars ice cream sandwiches on their website.

CM Punk on Ice cream bars

Shortly after his comments about ice cream bars, CM Punk did an interview with WWE.com. It struck a chord with WWE fans. At that time, he said he wants the ice cream bars badly back and is working on it. Because everyone loves ice creams, especially if it’s summers.

This is a great opportunity for Good Humor. They must consider it as a gift. Because it is not the only company in the market. If they deny, Punk might connect with others to make his dream true.

In another interview with Red Eye Chicago back in 2011, he again focussed on the need to bring ice cream bars back. He is really hoping for this to happen. It is not only he, who wants them back but there are many others also who are waiting for its return. Since it is a licensing issue, work is in progress to bring them back. And there is a high possibility that they may come by next summers i.e. in 2021.

The previous ice cream bars have the images of WWF superstars like Hulk Hogan and Randy Savage. The new versions will have recent superstars like Roman Reigns, John Cena, Becky Lynch and Randy Savage on them.