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With a strong zeal, various stars perform in 2021 Grammys– Here are the deliberation of various performances

As the Sunday’s telecast is aired, Grammys is trending internationally. The latest telecast was aired on 14th March. From Beyonce making a history to Billie Eilish’s  performing at the allure ponder, this time Grammy is something different. The performances of 63rd  Grammys, here is the description of various performances.

There were total 23 performances done on  the beautiful eve of The Grammys. Right from the BTS’s Dynamite to Taylor’s Folklore The Grammys’ stage was all lighten up by their wonderful performances. All the 23 performances was done at social distances and honestly, they were not that bad. But we will feature here only the top 5 performances of the Grammys.

Beginning from the Cardi B the program ended with Lionel Richie

Cardi B & Megan Thee Stallion: “Up” & “WAP”

The most insane television performances of the TV goes to Cardi and Meghan. From using props like king size bed to a 10 feet pole, Cardi and Meghan rocked the stage.

Megan Thee Stallion: “Body” & “Savage”

Meghan Thee or Marilyn Monroe, call her anything but she was amazing. The three time Grammy winner made her grand entry on the stage. While addressing the audience, she said that tonight was her first performance but not first time for entertaining the audience.

Dua Lipa & DaBaby: “Levitating” & “Don’t Start Now”

Dua and Dabby with there performance to new heights. Though people love Ariana and Lady  Gaga’s “Rain on me” but Dua and DaBaby were unique and lovely.

Taylor Swift: “Cardigan” / “August” / “Willow”

Even after performing after long time Taylor has proved that she has not lost her magic tough yet. She also won the three album of the year awards, thus making the history.

BTS, “Dynamite”

Ah! here comes the charming Korean boys. With the best zoom background, BTS left like zero possibilities for someone to hate them for their performances.

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