Will’s notorious Oscar slap, according to Willow Smith, “didn’t rock me“!!

California’s Los Angeles Will Smith’s historic Academy Awards incident, in which he controversially slapped comedian Chris Rock, has been brought up by Willow Smith. The 21-year-old Red Table Talk co-host and Emmy candidate claimed in a recent interview with Billboard that the bad press that followed the incident, which primarily focused on Will Smith, “didn’t rock me as much as my own internal problems.”

“I recognize the humanity in my entire family, and I love and accept them in all of their humanness. Because of the situation we’re in, sometimes our humanity isn’t acknowledged, and we’re expected to behave in a way that doesn’t promote a good human life or being honest,” she continued.

Willow posted a cryptic message before her father’s resignation from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. “Life is a sequence of reactions,” wrote Willow. Challenge is where life’s purpose can be found.

Taking on challenges is where life’s significance may be found — WILLOW (@OfficialWillow), April 2, 2022

— WILLOW (@OfficialWillow), April 2, 2022 Life is a sequence of reactions

The situation reached a head after Rock, 57, made fun of Jada Pinkett Smith’s receding hair during the Oscars event in March. “Jada, I adore you. Rock made a joke, “I can’t wait to see you in G.I. Jane 2.”

Will walked up on stage and hit Rock in the face, shocking the audience as well as spectators watching live from other countries. Rock said, “Oh wow!” as Will took his seat again. Rock said, “Will Smith just beat the heck out of me.”

Keep the name of my wife out of your fuck mouth, dude! Rock was yelled at by Will as he took a seat. For his portrayal of Venus and Serena Williams’ father Richard later in the evening, the “King Richard” actor went on to win the Best Actor Oscar.

Since that time, Smith has apologized to Rock, shown regret, and resigned from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, earning him a 10-year suspension from the awards show. He is still eligible to be nominated for and to receive the prized honor.

Will most recently expressed his regret to Rock in a video that he shared on all of his social media channels, saying, “Chris responded to my message that he wasn’t yet ready to chat, but that he would get in touch with me when he was. So, Chris, I’m going to say sorry. I’m sorry for how I acted, and I’d be happy to speak with you anytime you’re ready.

On March 27, 2022, in Hollywood, California, during the 94th Annual Academy Awards, Will Smith seems to slap Chris Rock onstage.

After the Academy initiated disciplinary action against him, Will informed People magazine, “I have immediately answered to the Academy’s disciplinary hearing notification, and I will fully embrace any and all repercussions for my conduct. My behavior at the 94th Academy Awards ceremony was startling, agonizing, and unacceptable. I have injured many people, including Chris, his family, many of my personal friends and loved ones, everyone present, and audiences around the world watching at home. I violated the Academy’s confidence.

“I took away the chance from other nominees and winners to honor and be honored for their amazing efforts. I’m devastated. I want to shift the spotlight back to those who merit recognition for their accomplishments and give the Academy the chance to resume the amazing work it does to encourage originality and artistic expression in film, Smith continued.