Where will you be able to see Keith Lee presently? Will we see him at the Retribution? Here is everything you need to know.

Kazeem Famuyide, while co-facilitating David Shoemaker’s The Masked Man Podcast, proposed that Keith Lee will align with, or even join, Retribution today at WWE Clash of Champions.


Keith Lee’s absence of a PPV match would be a purpose behind this to be conceivable, however since this is title coordinates just, I’m not actually going to state that is something in support of Kaz.

While many would forget about this, I’m not prepared to. Kaz’s latest immense PPV expectation — he called Roman Reigns appearing at Summerslam — worked out. I don’t realize enough to state he’s off-base, however. I can simply observe purposes behind and against.

Along these lines, how about we make like DX and separate it:


Why it bodes well

The two individuals nearest to Keith Lee — Mia Yim and Dominik Dijakovic — are in this group. Might he be able to have helped them get those agreements? Will we learn he advised Adam Pearce to give them a possibility?

Requital needs something to fix their uncontrollably inept bedlam, and Lee’s the sort of effectively settled power that could do it — particularly if the Retribution pack sheds their name and returns to being Dijak (not Dijakovic), Dio Maddin, Shane Thorne, and we never at any point get idiotic names for Mia Yim and Mercedes Martinez.


Lee could likewise furiously join with Retribution, saying they needed to take on their own imbecilic names, since we’ve perceived how WWE ruins grapplers previously. He could even point at his present music.

Additionally, Lee’s mission for gold has had McIntyre as a street knock. Lee’s said he would do anything for the title, and aligning with these operators of confusion would be up there.

What’s more, outside of kayfabe, gossipy tidbits have said there’s some goal or plans inside WWE to turn Keith Lee heel.

Why it doesn’t work?


Lee’s now battled down and dirty against Retribution, doing a tope (well, he joined McIntyre doing sound system topes) onto the hoodies weirdos.

On the off chance that this occurs, you simply have a more heel-weighty Raw, with Drew McIntyre and Kevin Owens as your top singles babyfaces.

Likewise, it’s a monster danger to partner Keith Lee — the most recent blue-jaunty — against a group seen as a ludicrous joke by most.

We should see with our own eyes.


The Cageside group will be live-blogging the PPV, so stay tuned to check whether and where Lee and Retribution show up on the card. In the event that it were up to me, I’d save Lee on the opposite side of Retribution until further notice.