Dead by Daylight x Attack on Titan Release Date, Leaks and more!!

New Dead By Daylight Attack On Titan Charms will be included in the game as part of the upcoming DBD Mid-Chapter release; be aware of the DBD x AOT crossover release date.

The new charm was just made known, following the declaration that ten skins will be made accessible for the collaboration between Dead By Daylight and Attack On Titan.

Daylight X Attack on Titan Charm, DBD Mid-Chapter Release Date, and Other Information Regarding Gameplay

The upgrade’s deployment date has not been explicitly declared by the developers. Behaviour Interactive, however, has revealed that the time will be later this month.

Prior to the next Dead By Daylight Mid-Chapter release, Behavior Interactive revealed a new charm that will be unlocked. This cosmetic has a little bit more uniqueness because it is a part of the broader Attack on Titan Collaboration that is coming to the game.

Fans were given a first look at the Scout Regiment Crest Charm and the brand-new Cadet Corps Charm, both of which will be included in the game in the coming weeks. Additionally, Behaviour revealed hints on how some of these things would appear after exhibiting the designs on their Twitter feed. The Cadet Corps Charm can be unlocked by logging in to Dead by Daylight during the Mid-Chapter release, while the Scout Regiment Crest Charm can be acquired by purchasing any three Attack on Titan Collection outfits.

As mentioned before, the actual release date for the impending DBD Mid-Chapter release is not yet known. The game’s development team anticipates releasing the update at the end of this month. That means that by the end of July 2022, all of the anticipated new designs should be available.

Some of the concepts that have already been made public include skins for Dwight – Eren Yaeger, Oni – Armored Titan, and Zarina – Hange Zo. According to BeHaviour, the ten skins for killers and survivors will be sold in stores. Because of this, AoT characters won’t show up in the game; instead, DBD killers and survivors will, while donning their likenesses.

The new mid-season chapter will also include a number of improvements to the game, including an entirely new advancement system wherein benefits are immediately unlocked through prestige rather than having to be found in the bloodweb.