What went wrong between Tana Mongeau and Jake Paul? Find out.

Tana Mongeau reveals that her marriage with Jake Paul isn’t as great as it looks on the surface.

YouTube star Tana Mongeau opened up about the truth behind her ‘perfect’ relationship with Jake Paul that spiraled drastically post marriage. The YouTube stars began dating in April and got married – unofficially – on July 28 after Paul proposed to Mongeau on June 24 at her 21st birthday bash.

Mongeau released a YouTube video titled ‘The Truth About Everything’ on 29th December revealing all about her marriage which is completely different from it appears on outside.

In the 40 minutes-long video, she detailed how unhappy she was with the way her relationship looks in the public eye. She has done so much pretending that she doesn’t care when she does. She added that she tried hard to build a ‘cool girl” and carefree image and put so much of herself into Jake that she has lost herself.

Talking about her dating days, she said that it was the best feeling in the world to be so on the same page with someone, it was like a drug to her. It made her the happiest, most motivated, most inspired she’d ever been was also simultaneously helping her succeed and achieve so many dreams she’d had.

However, things started changing after marriage and they went completely south when Jake was spotted with his ex-girlfriend Erika Costell again. Talking about the same, the YouTuber said that she feels everything changed between her and Jake after marriage. “I felt like I was opening my phone every day to something that just broke me further,” she said with a hint of helplessness.

She further detailed out that finding out about the Erika on Twitter killed her, because she and Jake had many conversations where he portrayed her as a villain, and she spent so much time trying to be everything Erika wasn’t.

While the couple is still together, she said that she and Jake have these psycho busy lives. And trying to fit each other in just gets harder and harder for them, and so many things keep hurting her more and more. She doesn’t ever want to be on bad terms, she doesn’t ever want them to hate each other.