What piqued Ben Hardy’s interest in ‘6 Underground’? Is it because of Ryan Reynolds or his role as Skywalker?? Find out!!

“Getting off the grid” increased interest of Ben Hardy in his latest release.

The English actor is right now geared up with his latest release, 6 Underground. Directed by Michael Bay and starring Ryan Reynolds in the titular role, the Netflix movie representation started streaming on 13th December. It is the movie about 6 underground individuals that have been called from across the globe to form a vigilante squad by the leader who wants to take down a brutal dictator and has recruited the international operatives for their extraordinary skills and talent and driven by the chance to be able to change their past.

Ben Hardy explains his main driving force for 6 Underground.

Though the movie has all big names associated with it from the production to direction to cast, however, it was the feeling of “getting off the grid” that piqued Ben’s interest in the project. Getting chatty with an entertainment news portal, Ben talks about the filming days and his experience of being in the movie. Talking about the immediate social media availability nowadays, the actor says that these days, everyone is so available that it’s an interesting idea to get off the grid, like his character in the movie, as it would mean some freedom. And it was the primary area where his interest grew in the project.

Apart from the story, it was the association of Michael Bay with the project that drove him in. Talking about him, he said that one would like to work with the best, and Michael is one of the best. Elaborating on his shooting days, he told that shooting was intense, and it spread over to Italy, Hong Kong, Abu Dhabi, and Los Angeles though it couldn’t be too bad as he stayed in Italy for three months.

Ben Hardy in Netflix’s Underground 6.

Ben plays a character called Skywalker in the movie, which defies gravity. Talking about his preparations, he said that to ensure his best, he had been sprinting daily throughout the shooting period. Skywalker is ditzy and dumb and completely unlike Ben in real, so it was a little challenging for him to get into the skin of the character, but it was fun for him to play it. He underwent some training to make sure that he was physically fit and learned how to break mental barriers, which was the most challenging part for him.

6 Underground is available on Netflix right now, so anyone willing to catch up on some action-drama could give this a try.