Warning for the Harry potter’s fans to not leave socks at Dobby’s memorial site

 “Potter headscan’t leave their socks at dobby’s memorial site

Harry potter’s character Dobby, who dies in the Film Harry potter and the Deathly hallows part-1 have a real grave, in Freshwater West beach in Pembroke shire. 

Dobby | Harry Potter
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Recently the environmental officials from conservation charity national trust, Wales, urged the harry potter fans to stop leaving their socks at elf dobby’s grave, as it could put wildlife’s risk.

In the first part of movie Harry potter and the Deathly hallows, when dobby dies in Harry’s arms, his last words were “such a beautiful place to be, with friends. dobby is happy to be with his friends, Harry potter”. Harry Potter aka Daniel Radcliffe digs his grave on the beach with his hands without using any magic and buries Dobby.

House elf Dobby 

Dobby is one the most loved character from Harry potter. when he appeared in the story for the first time it seemed like he’s a big trouble for harry, but after knowing about his Master Lucious Malfoy’s behavior towards him we all felt sad for dobby.

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It was the happiest moment when harry tricked Lucious and made him gift dobby a Sock. dobby always respected harry, as he was the only person who cared for him. the scene left everyone in tears when Bellatrix killed dobby and he dies in Harry’s arms.

Dobby’s memorial site

The place Harry buries Dobby’s body in the film is Freshwater Westbeach Pembroke shire. Fans often visits the place and leaves their socks because socks are tribute to dobby, who was freed from his brutal master Lucious who was tricked by harry and gift dobby a sock.

Dobby Grave
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Recently an eighth month survey has been conducted for removing Dobby’s memorial by The National Trust, Wales. meanwhile the organization allowed the grave to remain at the same place but gave the fans a warning to not leave their items at the beach as it can cause harm to wildlife.

The statements pointed out on items like socks and paint chips from painted pebbles.