Want to have a healthy heart? Just listen to music and drive!!! Study reveals listening to music while driving reduces cardiac stress!

Music is therapy in many ways. Listening to music always makes us feel better. But recent studies have revealed one more benefit of music!

Music reduces stress which is one of the reasons for heart attack. It is one of the ways to cure the risk of cardiovascular diseases. The research concluded that listening to music while driving definitely reduced cardiac arrest among women.

The research was specially conducted on women age 18-23 because they are not habituated to driving and this would cause stress in them. Music did it’s work and definitely calmed down the driving women. It reduced the acute tension that the women experienced during driving especially in heavy traffic. They were made to drive in the open road and then in traffic and then their performances were checked.

The reduce in heart rate was more in women who drove while listening to music as compared to simply driving. Music also enhanced the effect of drugs used to cure hypertension.

Music also plays an important role in improving the effects of medication that are used in improving high blood pressure. Music has also been found to help in improving the mental condition of an individual. It has a huge impact on the mind and our health. Listening to happy music activated the cell of the brain associated with rewards and sad songs triggered the fear cells.