Village Roadshow Sued Warner Bros for The Matrix: Resurrections; Alleges Breach of Contract

The Matrix: Resurrections producer sued Warner Bros.

The Matrix Movie Franchise new film The Matrix: Resurrections is facing the consequences now. The Co-Producer of the film, ‘The Village Roadshow’ filed a lawsuit against Warner Bros in Los Angeles. In that, they stated that Warner Bros tries to improve their parent Company Warner Media by releasing the movie in theatres as well as in HBO Max.

They also pushed the release date up. Now due to the release of the movie in streaming partners, The Box office collections will be reduced.

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The suit contains the breach of contract like the same-day release of the film and also moving the movie date. It is to release in 2022 but released in 2021. The intention behind it is to earn more subscriptions to HBO Max. As well as profit to Warner Media.

Village Roadshow’s Lawsuit

Warner Bros decided to release many new films simultaneously on HBO Max and in theatres. Total of sixteen Films like Dune, Godzilla Vs Kong, King Arthur, Mortal Kombat, and others. Out of seventeen films only two made a gross of more than 100 million dollars in Box office.

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The same incident happened with Black Widow movie. Scarlett Johansson sued Disney due to loss in collections. It is so because the film was released on Disney+ while it is still running in theatres. The Issue was resolved in Court.

According to Lawsuit, Village Roadshow also included about Warner Bros is not willing to be a partner in ‘Wonka’. They claimed that it is not a prequel to ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. But it is co-owned by two parties.

In addition to that Warner Bro’s are going to remove Village Roadshow from the TV Series ‘Edge of Tomorrow’, as per Lawsuit.

The most anticipated Keanu Reeves starrer movie ‘Matrix: Resurrections’ got less collection than expected. Hope that at last Justice will Prevail.