Video : Man Got Struck by Lightening? Romulus McNeill, Just Got Saved from One of Them.

A man from South Carolina named as Romulus Mcneil got Saved from a Lighting bolt as it fell down just a foot away from him. He took it to Facebook to share his scary experience, and also posted a video which captures the shocking moment of him encountering a bolt of lightning.

The video shows that McNeil is walking in the rain with his open umbrella when suddenly a flash of lightning struck the ground nearby around a foot or so.

Watch the Scary Video:

He is a Professional School Counselor at Horry County Schools and after he posted that on facebook the video went viral everywhere from Whatsapp to Facebook and Youtube. People are calling him the Lightning man and are saying that he is The Luckiest man alive.

People are Really expecting him to run like the Flash, Win Millions in the Casino and etc, etc in the Comment box of his Facebook Post. Anyways, we are happy that he is alive after getting one to one with the Lightning.