Unleash Your Inner Gamer: Overwatch 2 Quietly Introduces Custom Crosshairs

Overwatch 2 quietly adds custom crosshairs

Overwatch 2 players can now customize their crosshairs to fit their preferences or gameplay style. The new feature was quietly added to the game with a patch without any announcement from Blizzard.

Custom Crosshairs in Overwatch 2

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Blizzard Entertainment has given Overwatch 2 players the ability to create personalized crosshairs via a new and unnoticed patch. The enhancement, which has been rolled out quietly as part of a recent update, will allow players to custom-design their crosshairs to better suit their individual gaming style.

Easy Customization

The new crosshair feature is designed to provide players with multiple options to easily customize their unique crosshair settings. This includes the ability to change the color, the style of crosshairs, the thickness, and even apply an outline to them. These features will enable players to increase their accuracy and improve gameplay experience according to their needs and preferences.

How to Access Custom Crosshairs

To access the custom crosshair function, players should:

  1. Launch the Overwatch 2 game
  2. Select Options from the main menu
  3. Chose the “Hero” or “All Heroes” tab, depending on the player’s preference
  4. Click on the Crosshairs tab, which will bring up customization options and default crosshair design
  5. Experiment with the crosshair settings until they find the perfect design that suits their game style

Deep Customization

Players can go even further with their customization choices by making advanced alterations. This will allow them to tweak the opacity of the crosshair outline or even alter how the crosshair reacts depending on the game mode.


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Blizzard Entertainment has quietly added custom crosshairs to Overwatch 2, which gives players the ability to modify their crosshair settings according to their preferences. The new feature allows players to customize various aspects of crosshairs and improve their gameplay experience. Those who want to experiment with the new feature should launch the game, select options from the main menu, and click on the Crosshairs tab.


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Q1. Does the custom crosshair feature cost anything?

A. No, the custom crosshair feature is free for all Overwatch 2 players.

Q2. Which Overwatch 2 heroes does the new update support?

A. The custom crosshair update supports all Overwatch 2 heroes.

Q3. Can advanced customization be reset to default settings?

A. Yes, players can restore their customization to default settings at any time.

Q4. Do custom crosshair settings affect other players’ experiences?

A. No, the customization of a player’s crosshair settings is only visible to the player who makes the changes. Others will still see the default crosshair settings.

Q5. How does custom crosshair customization affect in-game performance?

A. Since customizing crosshair settings is a matter of personal preference, each player can better adjust to their gameplay. By experimenting with different settings, a player can find the crosshair settings that will improve gameplay performance and enhance their overall gaming experience.