Ukraine Invasion: Many Russian and Ukrainian stars Slam Russia

Russian and Ukrainian stars spoke out for Ukraine’s support

Many heart wrenching news of Ukraine Invasion are on hype. Russia’s firm decision of attacking non-stop and warnings are making many actors to back to Ukraine and condemn Russia. In addition, President Joe Biden’s pointed Russia’s attacks as an “unprovoked and unjustified attack” which provoked many acclaimed personalities.

Ukraine Invasion
CREDIT- @katherynwinnick

Many notable actors like Grammy-nominated Russian-American singer-songwriter, Regina Spektor; ‘Conjuring’ actress Vera Farminga who has Ukrainian background; writing “Stand with Ukraine”, Katheryn Winnick of ‘Vikings’ with Ukrainian descent spoke out for Ukraine ; Former ‘World of Dance’ judge Maksim Chmerkovskiy  and many more are reacting against Russia in World forum.

Everything started heating up after Russia’s Military Invasion took dreadful form by launching attacks in capital and killing thousands of Ukrainians. Moreover, President Vladimir Putin cruel stand on Thursday warning world leaders not to interfere. However, many world leaders are still trying to stop the war by different means. Following, many international actors shared their viewpoints on internet to encourage Ukrainians. They are posting their memories with tear-jerking captions like “My heart hurts” to support Ukraine.

Acclaimed personalities’ emotional words about Ukraine Invasion

‘Echo In The Canyon’ famed Regina Spektor strongly opposed Russia’s idea of War. She intelligently compared Putin’s tactics with Nazis during World War II in her post. Emotionally, she described the horrible situation prevailing in Ukraine where Russians like Nazis slaughtering the innocent Ukrainian civilians.

Moreover, it’s not sparing even the children of their own land. The terrifying unjust act of Russia is resulting in not only loss of lives and property in Ukraine but also in Russia. Furthermore, the innocent Russians are crushed between the, so called, political enragement.

Ukraine Invasion
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Oscar nominated ‘Up in the Air’ actress Vera Farmiga shared an emotional post saying “#IStandWithUkraine”. Apace with, she captioned Ukraine’s national flag and national anthem to support Ukrainians. Moreover, Jamala, Ukrainian winner of Eurovision Song Contest stressed upon the point they never wanted war. In addition, Ukranians were always supported peace and healthy relationships with countries. Following, she asked support and help for Ukraine.

Famous dancer Maksim Chmerkovskiy commented this situation as the revival of the painful memories of 90s before independence of Ukraine. He shared his emotions saying tears were rolling out watching the adverse condition. In addition, he quoted no one deserved to worry about ‘f—ing war’. Furthermore, he posted an video of attacks in Kyiv (capital of Ukraine) saying it ‘Stressful’ situation.

CREDIT – katherynwinnick

‘The Marksman’ credited actress with Ukrainian descent, Katheryn Winnick, wrote a poignant message “stand by Ukraine”. Moreover, she exclaimed her respect towards Ukraine and updated stories with touching words and images.