U.S. Is Withdrawing Their Troops From Afghanistan According To Some Newest Announcement!

It seems like the American administration has taken a rather big decision and confirmed that they will be withdrawing 2,500 troops from both countries by mid-January, as stated by the US Department of Defense.

The U.S Is Withdrawing Troops From Afghanistan.

President-elect Joe Biden has earlier stated that he is rightly weary of the longest war in Afghanistan. Moreover, he further said that there is a need to end the war responsibly, in such a manner that ensures that they both guard against threats to our homeland and never have to go back. However, Joe Biden is yet to say something about this newest announcement.

Donald Trump has also been determined to withdraw the troops from Afghanistan, Joe Biden has also expressed his interest in doing something similar but in a slower manner while keeping The Taliban under scrutiny for a while.

People Have Mixed Reaction To This Newest Big Announcement.

This newest announcement has been receiving some mixed responses as Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell called the plan a mistake. Mr.McConnell warned Donald Trump against making any such earth-shaking changes in regards to defense and foreign policy before he leaves the White House.

While some political figures are not quite thrilled with the news, we wonder what others have to say about this huge step taken by the Defense administration. It sees like Donald Trump is finally acting upon his long time campaign on ending the long-standing wars. Some leaders are fearing that this decision might give rise to some unwanted fighting. We wonder that led to this sudden decision and what is going to be the aftermath of this. This is something we will get to know with time.