TXT’s Huening Kai released an amazing cover of Avril Lavigne’s song ‘Sk8er Boi’ 

‘Sk8er Boi’ cover was released by TXT’s Huening Kai

The Korean Boyband TXT’s Huening Kai released the cover song of Avril Lavigne’s popular song ‘Sk8er Boi’. This song was released on 19th February. Before the release of the cover, An interesting thing happened. Through Twitter Kai posted a picture referring to the song. after that Avril Lavigne responded to that tweet. Kai is the youngest member of TXT and is the man behind the new cover song.

The Song is Energetic and Punk. Huening Kai’s has a killer voice. The song is suitable to Kai’s voice that making it even great. The hip vibe we are from the song is quite soothing. It is an animated cover song with bright colors. The cover song is of 3min duration full of Kai’s voice.

TXT's Kai

The Tweets before the cover release

In Kai’s Last tweet he posted a picture of him holding a Skateboard. The Origin of the picture is from Chaos Chapter: Fight or Escape. The post has the skater boy concept hidden in it. Then Avril Lavigne gave a rocking reply.

The post made the fans realize the collaboration between these two artists. Then on Saturday whole cover song was released. The hot news is the that ‘Sk8er Boi’ movie is on the move. Maybe the song will be in the movie. In addition to that, there is a hunch that TXT may involve in the movie.

TXT's band
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The original song was released in 2002. As a Coincidence Kai’s birth year is also same. The music video stole many fans heats and soul. They released it in the YouTube’s Official Channel. The song is reaching many views and still counting.

Check out the Cover song of the Sk8er Boi originally by the Avril Lavigne: