‘Two people can really be in love’; Steve Harvey lays down the ultimate fact defending wife Marjorie Harvey!

Steve Harvey talks about his feelings for his wife, Marjorie Harvey.

The American comic and host, Steve Harvey recently jetted off with his wife, Marjorie Harvey, on a long, lavish summer family vacation to spend some quality time together. The couple who recently celebrated their 12th Anniversary in June is exploring the beautiful coasts of Monte Carlo, France, and Italy.

The dreamy vacation has left many people fantasizing about it, but it has attracted some criticism too, for Harvey’s wife. The fleeting glances of the luxuriant vacation are all about speeding off in private jets to explore the beautiful sights across the world on private yachts digging into the world’s finest cuisine have people poking their nose into matter totally irrelevant to them.

Steve Harvey with his family in Monaco enjoying a luxurious vacation.

The pictures posted by Marjorie on her Instagram page attracted backlash. Several users attacking her and tagged her to be the ‘gold-digger’ who is relishing the best days of her life of her husband’s money. She is also being accused of keeping Harvey away from her biological children who are never seen in any of the family pictures and are never spotted on the vacations unlike Marjorie’s children from her previous marriage, who are enjoying the luxury of being associated with Steve Harvey.


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However, husband Steve has his wife’s back. Shutting down the trolls in one of the pictures posted by her, in defense of his wife, he commented that he loves her and she loves him, and that’s the only truth. He further emphasized that it’s really possible for two people to be in love.

The American comic Steve Harvey has his wife’s back. He came to her defense amidst the bashing.

Aww! That’s all we can say about his profession of love. Also, people should stop interfering in the lives of celebrities only because they are public figures. Basing on some social media posts, anyone should not judge the relationship two people share.

As of now, the Emmy award winner is in Ghana with his family as a part of ‘Year of Return,’ an initiative by the government of Ghana aimed at marking 400 years since the first black slaves landed in Virginia. His family will visit some of the tourist places across Ghana.