Two mice quarrelling and fighthing with each other where they would have captured the attention of the world

Well, who thought of two mice quarreling and fighting with each would have captured the attention of the world?

Photograph that captured the heart of millions

The picture titled “Station Squabble “has won the 55th Wildlife Photographer of the Year’s People’s Choice Award.  It is an annual competition which is held by the Natural History Museum of London. The photo has received about 28,000 public votes and was declared as winner on 12th February 2020. The photo is now displayed and can be seen at the Wildlife Photographer of the Year exhibition of the museum until May 31.

The photo was taken at a train station in the subway of London with a Nikon D500 camera.  In the photograph, it was seen that two mice were fighting with each other over tiny crumbs until one of them grabbed it, which lead them to their separation. The photo lasted for a fraction of seconds.  The photograph was captured by a wildlife photographer Sam Rowley living in Bristol, U.K.

The inspiration of the Photographer for the Photo

Rowley’s photograph was declared and chosen as the best from out of 48000 entries who had participated in the competition.  The photographer stated that the inspiration for the photo came from a video of mice on a platform that was sent to him by a friend after a night out.  He told the Natural History Museum that these mice only know the constant roar of trains and perpetual darkness, and the tunnels are a desperate place to live if they need to have a boxing match over a tiny little crumb.

Rowley further said in a press release that it’d been his lifetime dream to succeed in the competition in this way, with such a relatable photo taken in such an everyday competition in his hometown. He hoped that the photo would show people the unexpected drama found in the most familiar of urban environments.