Trials of Mana Game: read about every latest upgrade of the game and our review on it.

The Mana series that is known as Seiken Densetsu in Japan is 25years old and has a bit confusing history that reminds us of the Super Nintendo. However, most of the time, it got overshadowed by other massive role-playing series like Final Fantasy by Square Enix.

And the second entry of the franchise came in 2018, Secret of Mana 1993, it was given an unexpected remake that was somewhat disappointing. But it came back after two years. Square moved a step ahead and assembled all the 3D overhaul of the next game in the series together. It was named Seiken Densetsu 3 but was renamed as Trials of Mana. It is the Secret of Mana’s direct sequel.

The game was made with a completely new set of a 3D model that was built from scratch, and due to this, it got a drastic graphical overhaul. The age of classic 2D sprites is gone now. In place of them, we now have an environment that is lovingly designed and impressive characters. This is the most popular definitive version of the Trails of Mana and for a good reason. Thus, the newly localized 16-bit version on the Nintendo Switch is really enjoyable.

Some of these are the Final Fantasy 7 remake that released this month. Whereas Trials of Mana is a prove of the positivity of the ability to breathe new life into the classic titles by Square Enix.

And now you can even change your class of you aren’t interested in the class of chosen heroes and companions by simply reaching a Mana Store. This will update your stats about the game, and you can receive additional slots for spells and bring chances for new abilities in characters.