Tokyo 24th Ward: The Most Awaited Characters of the Highly Anticipated have Arrived!

The Highly-Awaited Characters Introduction of Tokyo 24th Ward!

Tokyo 24th Ward is an entertainment-packed Sci-fi anime that hit the anime world with a refreshing and has a good character interconnection. Coming to the plot, On a man-made island located in Tokyo Bay. Shuta, Ran, and Koki are born and raised on this island, they are inhabitants of that island.

Tokyo 24th Ward
Picture Courtesy: Tokyo 24th Ward

Although these three characters are like the North pole and South pole to each other, they are childhood friends who are stuck together no matter what. The remaining characters are funky, stylish, and eye-catching.

Tokyo 24th Ward brings together the most talented for the first time! Vio Shimokura (NITRO PLUS), debuting in this anime as screenwriter; illustration team FFS on original character design; CloverWorks:The famous studio with all awesome works, and director Naokatsu Tsuda, who is known for his work on JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure!

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All the team behind it are incredible creators which will make us check out this anime more!

The Core Characters

The main characters are AOI SHUTA, AKAGI RAN, SUIDO KOKI. These characters with their talents form a shonen style group favorable to the 24th ward government, a few more characters of graffiti/hacker group.

  • Aoi Shuta, the one who strives to be a hero

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Aoi Shuta is the main protagonist and has a lot of weight to his role in the previous episodes released. One year ago he failed to save his friend, Suido Ami, in the burning of elementary school, which made him fight the crime. But he has this amazing power to foresee the crime which he got surprisingly through a phone call from his deceased friend which makes him believe that she is still alive.

He forms a group along with Ran and Koki called RGB group which was named after their hair colors.

  • Akagi Ran- Power of Graffiti

Photo Courtesy: CBR

Akagi ran another member of the RGB gang who shows his fighting spirit through Graffiti and leads a hacking team under his surveillance. He is a good friend of Shouta and he also has his friend’s special power. One thing about him is he will not abandon his cause.

  • Suido Koki- Glue that holds the team

Tokyo 24th Ward

Suido Koki had ties with the 24th ward’s government who is the third member of the RGB gang and also received the same powers as his friend’s Shouts, Ran. He has a deep sense of responsibility and most upright person in the RGB gang.

The episode 1 was launched recently and the new episodes of Tokyo 24th Ward are being anxiously awaited by the fans!