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These are the top 10 releases you need to look out for on the first record store day!

picture: aware earth

The pandemic has caused greater harm to the economy than to the health. The loss in health is unparalleled, yet the loss in the economy is going worse for the marginalized when compared to the healthcare collapse that took place. Usually, on the third Saturday of April, every year is the music series released. Since this year is the 13t year of the Record Store Day, the release would be unique this year than in the previous years. The pandemic will postpone the release of the music series to august 29, September 26, and October 24. The following songs will be released on the days mentioned.

  1. August burns redbones seven-inch- a song with amazing beats that will make anyone fall deeply in the essence of the song when it will be released. The previous two versions of the song bones have been released and received immense appreciation in the crowd and the new one will be an additional deal for its fans.
  2. Charlie XCX- Vroom EP- the digital release in 2016 had shown how the song could be shaped in the future versions. One of the most awaited songs on the list.
  3. Denzel Curry- bulls on parade/ I against I- featured by bad brains, this song is by the singers and the band that is commonly known for its songs that can easily make even a person unaware of dance how to grove.Β 
  4. Billie Eilish- live at third man records- the famous singer of all times, Billie is known for the tone in which a song is sung.Β 
  5. The Menzingers- Chamberlain Waits- the trend of 2020 will be set by this song as fans possibly think.
  6. Gorillaz-G-Sides and D-Sides- the album which will have a merger of two different styles of singing.Β 
  7. Refused- not fit for broadcast: live at the BBC-an old-time essence of songs, this one will bring the nostalgia that was needed by the fans who tend to miss it in the songs of recent times.Β 
  8. The cure-seventeen seconds-old yet filling, this song will not let anyone get bored with the beats that they will be grooving on.
  9. Twiztid-all these problems 10-inch EP-the one which is the most awaited, the song will make one aware of the real meaning of beats.Β