The Weeknd leaves fans “frightened” after debuting a freaky face from “Plastic Surgery” in a new music video!!!

THE Weeknd left fans “scared” subsequent to appearing another bizarre face from “Plastic Surgery” in Save Your Tears’ new music video.

The artist appeared the swathes at the American Music Awards a month prior.

Fans guaranteed they were “terrifying” Credit: Twitter

A 30-year-elderly person was exposed in a pop video that turned her face with a prosthesis imitating an enormous scope plastic medical procedure.

The Weeknd leaves fans “frightened” after debuting a freaky face from “Plastic Surgery” in a new music video!!!

The freaky essence of Starboy hit producer Abel Makonen Tessfay seemed as though a nose cut with fillers infused into the cheeks and lips.

In spite of it being all phony, fans were stunned by the adjustments in his face and couldn’t resist feeling “dread”.

One fan stated: “How did the end of the week deal with his face ???? An excessive number of inquiries.”

The subsequent individual asked somebody, “It would be ideal if you disclose what befell your face toward the end of the week !?”

She proceeded: “Horrible … I thought it was all the demonstration of having a burglary all over, however, he appears to have gotten an awful Botox YIKES.”

33% couldn’t comprehend that the end of the week really had a medical procedure and composed: Is that so? Is it only for the show? ”

Another fan likewise visited Twitter and stated, “#TheWeeknd mv stunned my life. Is that the face?”

Furthermore, others couldn’t get over how “terrifying” his new face was.

These responses occurred after fans viewed a four-minute music video in front of an audience with a vocalist before a group wearing extravagantly embellished Venetian veils.

Weekend shook prostheses to accomplish a profoundly cut nose, lip filler, and high cheekbone lookCredit: YouTube/The Weeknd

In the video, a spotlight lit his face, growing with a phony Botox infusion, and seeing agony around a careful scar professing to mirror restorative medical procedure.

The weekend keeps on moving around the room, sitting unobtrusively around the table, while his truck is playing out of sight.

He in the long run connected with the group, remained on the table, showered champagne, and drank others’ beverages.