The video which broke the Internet. Robert and Tom as Doc Brown and Martin McFly.

A video of Tom Holland and Robert Downey Jr. has recently come across YouTube Fans. The video is a kind of spin-off of “Back To the Future” in which Tom as Marty McFly and Robert as Doc Brown is something the audience is just loving it.

The video was created by EZRyderX47 and whosoever is that is has done an incredible job as both the characters are quite effective for these parts as Spider-Man and Iron Man are like student and mentor. So, it was not a surprise both of them acting their way out.

The real deal was the late 80s or 90s background, Martin McFly in his same jacket jeans with Doc giving advice on how to get the future straight is just bringing back all the old memories. The YouTuber
has done this before in which Martin McFly was the same but Doc was played by Jim Carrey.

That video was also an immediate hit and following its footsteps this time the duo has made this old thing new. After watching the video fans are definitely expecting them to do a “Back To the Future” Reboot.

Although Nothing official has announced regarding the movie and with that keep, in mind, we really can’t expect the movie to happen but one thing is for sure there could be a spin-off in the future. So, fans after watching this try to ask for a reboot and make that thing happen.

As there is a chance of this reboot could make you feel your old times in a more surreal way with everything made just for you. So, keep your hopes high as possibilities are endless and whether you believe it or not there is a chance of them doing it.