The Tussle between Former Captain Virat Kohli and BCCI isn’t seem to Ending

Virat Kohli Stepped down As A Captain

On 15th January, 2022, the skipper of the Indian Cricket Team and the greatest batsman in the world Virat Kohli stepped down as a captain of the Test team after the test series they lost against South Africa by 2-1.

It was a shocking, heart-breaking and depressing new for the whole country and specially for his fans. Still this news more than getting acceptance receives more questions regarding the statement.

Statement Leading To Questions

Now, dropping down as captain of the Indian Cricket team gives way to many questions ; was his stepping down as captain voluntary? Was he asked to drop down as captain? Or what? but the main question was , is it the tussle between Virat Kohli and that made him drop hi captaincy?

Kohli gave no statement regarding his decision and made it look like it was his personal choice and the President of BCCI Sourav Ganguly supported his choice.

Virat Kohli's post
From Twitter @iamVKohli


His letter which he posted on his social media account spoke more than what he wrote. He mentioned his honesty towards the team, respect to M.S.Dhoni and Ravi Shastri for believing in him, made everyone suspicious. It wonโ€™t be surprising for the world in the coming time to know that the Indian Cricket Board led to this.

Kohli Contradicting Himself

Questions are being raised because Kohli had barely put a foot wrong and the tussle between him and the Indian Cricket Board had started on December,2021 when the board made Kohli to step down his captaincy from white ball cricket because they did not want two captains for white ball cricket, even though Kohli wanted to be the captain of one day team but the board made him drop down as captain.

When he left the captaincy of the t-20 team , he stated that he wanted to focus on his Test captaincy and this news is very contradictory in itself and so this makes us think more and more about the rift between the Indian Cricket Board and Virat Kohli.

This question is left unanswered and the nation have the same doubt, is it voluntarily or not?ย